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Updated: APRIL 2020 Ai-Labz is the software system created by ZinoBit Pty Ltd trading as CognoBit (Address: 39, Fuller Street, Walkerville, SA, 5081, Australia). We value our relationship with you hence we have implemented this Privacy Policy to inform you on how we deal with the information we collect from you. If you gave any enquiries about this, please contact us on In this document, Website or website means when it is not specified otherwise. We treat your personal information with great care. The payment on our website is run by PayPal and we don’t record any information regarding your payment except the confirmation of the payment on our website. We treat all customer information as confidential and restrict access to it for authorised and vetted personnel only. Although no one can guarantee that a compromise of our systems will never take place, we have taken significant measures to protect your information. We collect the personal information, like your email address and your name from you, to be able to provide you with the information about your purchases and offer you our services. We will email you the information about your purchases and the available updates of Ai-Labz or any other information related to our products or services. Please note the "https://" part and your browser stating the connection is Secure with a lock displayed. These features must be present at all times. Under no circumstances, neither ZinoBit Pty Ltd or its members will be liable or bear the responsibilities for any loss or damages of any kind, whether direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential losses, not arising from clear and proven negligence of CognoBit’s personnel. We will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from force majeure events such as natural disasters or terrorist acts, or from customer negligence such as security breach of customer accounts due to account information being shared with third parties including account information re-use with other online services vendors, or from customer personal computers being compromised. ZinoBit Pty Ltd reserves the right to add to, delete or change these terms because of frequent changes in Internet technology and applicable law. As such, you should check this Privacy Policy from time to time for such changes.

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