Terms and Conditions

CognoBit Ai-Labz is an Artificial Intelligence software system, which enables the users to apply various AI algorithms and methods to perform prediction, classification and clustering tasks. The optimal display resolution is 1366x768 for the programme. For installation and execution, it requires minimum Windows 64-bit operating system with at least 5 GB of free space on C: Drive (kindly use the computer which you want to run Ai-Labz on, for purchasing, downloading and installing the software so that everything runs smoothly and easy to follow; ‘administrative permission’ and an application for opening Zip files are requirements for installation, and for Ai-Labz to run properly on your system, Windows language of the system should be English). The subscription fee to Ai-Labz is 22,000 USD per user (including GST), annually (Gold package). If you are looking into purchasing organisational subscription, please contact us on for quotation. As soon as the installation starts, you need to agree with Ai-Labz’s Licence and its Terms and Conditions (kindly note that in case of damage or loss of the computer which Ai-Labz has been originally installed on, we can re-issue the licence only once). We will send you emails after you have finalised the purchase and one month before the subscription expires or to provide you with updates on our products. To be able to receive those emails, please ensure that you have registered under a correct email address after the payment is completed.

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